Advance Java Course

Advanced Java Concepts

Advanced Java Training is a specialised source offered by us to help people with basic understanding of Java and related frameworks build deep technical knowledge to take on challenging projects. This training will ensure the attendees developed fully understanding and are ready to build and test large scale Java/JEE applications.

The training is specially designed to provide a true hands-on experience on various internals of Java/JEE syntax usage and which will enable each participant to build a true scalable service using Java and associated frameworks. Targeted for all people who have basic knowledge of Java or any other language.

Freshers from college who want to have a hands-on experience to be ready to step into product development and testing right from day 1.


Course Day 1Advanced Java

Generic Nature

– Generic Interfaces and Classes

– Generic Programming Exercise


– Collections overview

– Collection Examples and Internals

– Collections Exercise

– Advanced Collections

– Collections Exercise

Java Data Structures

– Advanced Data Structures

– Stacks, Queues, Binary Trees

– Sorting and Searching Algorithms

– Exercise

Course Day 2 Advanced Java

Exception Handling

– Advanced Concepts of Exception


– Exercise


– Introduction

– Database interactions

– JDBC Exercise on database transactions

Network Programming

– Working with URLS

– Socket Programming

– Client Server programming

– Excercise

Multithreaded Programming

– Basic of Threading

– Advanced Threading Cycle

– Exercise

Course Day 3 Advanced Java

Java Web Application

– Tomcat and Jetty concepts

– Install web server

– Servlet Concepts

– Web Application Exercise

Java NIO

– Working with Files

– Working with Buffers

– Working with Network using NIO

– NIO Exercise

Introduction to Web Frameworks

– MVC architecture

– Building MVC applications

– Introduction to Spring and other JEE frameworks.

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